Make your team more resilient, engaged and happy.

Give Me Cookie unites people and helps teams easily and enjoyably acknowledge each other within Slack.

Engaging and Delightful cookies for a Happy Team!

Boost Team Engagement and Foster Stronger Relationships with our Playful and Unconventional currency, cookies! πŸͺπŸͺ

How it Works?

It's a piece of cake! Each person gets five virtual cπŸͺπŸͺkies to distribute daily. With each cookie, they can write a personalized message, share their appreciation, or congratulate someone on their daily victories!

Add GiveMeCookies plugin into your organization Slack account.

Your team can spice up their messages by adding the πŸͺ emoji, and distribute cookies that can be exchanged for exciting rewards by collaborators.

Create a highly engaged, cohesive, and joyful team environment.

Elevate team engagement and happiness with gamefication !

Your team will have a blast acknowledging one another with cookie giving, receiving, and engaging in friendly competition through combined leaderboards.

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Begin building teams that are stronger, happier, and flourishing – teams that people will truly love. Get started today!

Indulge in personalized rewards that are as unique as your exceptional team. πŸ’

Just like every team, rewards should be personal and unique. GiveMeCookies empowers your company to create and offer rewards that hold significance and relevance!

Day OFF - One day to relax!

Enjoy a well-deserved day off!


49 πŸͺ

$40 Grubhub GiftCard

Delight in $40 of deliciousness with a Grubhub gift card.


49 πŸͺ

3 Month Spotify GiftCard

Get 3 months of Spotify subscription for free! Redeem now and make sure that favorite playlist for 3 months without spending anything!


49 πŸͺ

Try for free for 30 days!

No credit card is required for a risk-free trial. Plus, if you're not satisfied with GiveMeCookies, you can cancel anytime.



per user / month.

How ill be charged?

When someone gives or receives their first cookie, they are automatically added to your subscription.

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